1. General

1.1. The competition is being organised by Inside Blinds NV, with registered office in Belgium, 8800 Roeselare, Ovenstraat 12, referred to hereinafter as: the ‘organiser’. The competition runs from 11 April 2022 through 18 April 2022, 11:59 p.m. Only those who accept these regulations in their entirety can be valid participants.

1.2. The organiser reserves the right to modify, postpone, shorten or suspend the competition or part of it if the circumstances require the organiser to do so for reasons beyond the organiser’s will or due to force majeure. The organiser cannot be held responsible for this. Printing errors, spelling errors, typesetting errors, or other errors cannot be construed as a ground for any obligation on the part of the organiser.

1.3. The organiser offers the competition free of charge. The competition cannot be construed as or give rise to a legal obligation on the part of the organiser. Consequently, any liability from the organiser toward the participants in the competition is excluded. The organiser does not accept any responsibility for any unsuccessful attempt to participate in the competition. This includes especially but not exclusively: liability for technical interruptions, delays in receiving or sending emails, and loss of or damage to data during or after transmission.

1.4. There will be no communication in writing, by phone or by email about the course of the competition, selecting the winners, or awarding the prize.

1.5. Any disputes concerning the competition will be settled by the organiser. The decisions will be final and binding, and no participant will be entitled to any review or appeal.

1.6. If a provision of these regulations is declared invalid or unenforceable, this will have no influence on the validity or enforceability of the other provisions.

2. Participation

2.1. Every personal, social media profile of an individual who is of age, can participate in the competition once only. If multiple participations are found, the first entry will be considered the participation. Company pages, groups or profiles not meeting the rules of the social media channel are excluded.

2.2. The organiser’s employees and managing directors (or persons living at the same place of residence) are excluded from the competition.

2.3. Any entries later than 18 April 2022 will not be considered. Only entries that are comply with the competition regulations will qualify for winning. Neither the organiser, nor any other company or person can be held responsible for loss of data.

2.4. In the event of abuse, deception or deceit, the organiser will explicitly reserve the right to exclude the respective participant(s) from participating in this competition.

3. Course of the competition

3.1. For valid participation, the participant must guess the number of Easter eggs in the vase. The answer to this question should be submitted via the organiser’s original Facebook post, on 18 April 2022 at 11:59 p.m. at the latest. The participant who answers the question correctly OR whose answer is closest to the actual number wins an Inside Blinds gift voucher valued at €250, to be used at an official Inside dealer. Every participant may only participate once. Only 1 prize is awarded to the winner. The prize cannot be paid in cash.

3.2. The entered text shall neither be a tirade of abuse, nor include a notification or complaint, nor contain any elements of a pornographic, indecent, discriminating, or extremist nature. Entered text that is not in conformity with these terms and conditions, will be deleted.

3.3. The winners will be selected by a jury consisting of the organiser’s marketing team. The result of the jury is final and cannot be the object of recourse. If the exact number of Easter eggs in the vase is not guessed, the prize will be for the participant whose answer is closest to the actual number.

3.4. In case of ex aequo, the prize goes to the one who shared the correct answer first.

3.5. The winner will be announced on the organiser’s social media channels and will then be asked to contact the organiser via a private message.

3.6. After the winner has contacted the organiser via a private message, their personal data will be requested via the same method, so that the gift voucher can be sent by post.

4. Privacy

The organiser processes the participants’ personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More information about the organiser’s data processing is provided in the privacy disclaimer.

If you are the winner of the competition, the organiser can announce this by posting your surname, first name, and photo on its social media channels, free of charge.

Data obtained is never submitted to any third party, except for any handling of the delivery of the gift voucher won by the participant. In that case, your data will be processed by the third party for this purpose only and will not be retained for any longer than necessary.