Francq Colors - Antropos 1

TREND PICKS - concept, styling and photography by Francq Colors.

The ever-increasing robotization and automatization in our society have led to a remarkable evolution: the human touch is becoming a luxury. This evolution can already be seen with our contemporaries. People that are well off have acces to a personal trainer or a private banker, while the broad middle class has to content itself with a fitness application or a banking app.

The more we are surrounded by robots, the more we will long for things that we think of as typically human: imperfections, unexpected humor, surprises... In short: all the ideas that can originate from human fantasy.

Designers will adhere importance to the human as well, and they try to distinguish themselves from robotized design. An important source of inspiration for the coming years, can with no doubt be found in anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner's doctrine. Not only did he develop a well known educational system, but he also had ideas about how the ideal environment looked like. Humanity and nature are central in this, which led to a peculiar design involving wood, pastels and polygonal shapes.

The color palette for this trend comprises some so-called neo-neutrals and a lot of unusual pastels that were inspired by Rudolf Steiner's buildings: warm pink, light blue, matte purple and green.