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Why buy Inside ?

With Inside, we have been personally guaranteeing high-quality window decoration for more than 25 years. As a Belgian family business, we focus daily on the quality and ease of use of our products to meet everyone's interior design wishes and needs, today and tomorrow.

Our products are distributed internationally from various showrooms in Europe but are all made to measure in our workshop in Roeselare: 100% Belgian quality assured!

If you want more from your interior, choose Inside. Whether you are looking for trendy design, classic designs or more practical solutions, our wide range of products always provide you with the ultimate in quality and class.

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Thoughtful design

Everything starts with a thoughtful design. After all, a good design not only has the right look and feel but is also easy to use. At Inside, as a pioneer in the field of design, we are fully aware of this. So, we make it a top priority to create beautiful designs that excel on every level. For this purpose, we have an outstanding in-house design team that constantly focuses on developing and improving our products. Among other things, we research and test the unique characteristics of the fabrics for optimum ease of use and long service life.

A source of inspiration for your interior
At Inside, our many years of expertise in window decoration mean that we produce a range of products that are all sources of inspiration for your interior. Each material triggers emotion and creates its own intensity. Thanks to the wide choice of materials, styles, structures and qualities, you will undoubtedly easily find the window decoration in our range that brings the desired atmosphere to your interior.

Casa Mia

Create your dream curtain with CasaMia yourself

With CasaMia, you can customise your curtains according to your interior and your taste. CasaMia offers endless design and colour choices, allowing you to make countless combinations.

With a few clicks in the tool, you can personalise your window decoration and conjure up the most beautiful results on the screen, completely tailored to your wishes. It is a unique tool that makes your dream curtain a reality.

Moreover, CasaMia's floor-to-ceiling fabrics are made of 100% polyester, making them perfectly washable and shrink-proof. Your personalised design combined with ultimate ease of use: that is CasaMia.

Design curtains with CasaMia
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Innovative in window decoration

At Inside, we like to push the boundaries. As a pioneer in design, we also set our sights on innovation. As soon as consumer needs change, we respond with original solutions. We continuously invest in innovation and have our own R&D department that daily searches for new techniques and possibilities in the field of high-quality materials such as:

- Nanotechnology
- 3D printing
- Virtual reality
- ...

And we go a step further. After all, innovation is more than technical product innovation. We are also looking into how we can optimise the production process and be even more efficient. This benefits both our products and our service and gives consumers another reason to choose Inside for their window decoration.

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Focus on an optimal customer experience

An innovative, thoughtful and stylish design only comes into its own when the customer is satisfied. It goes without saying: at Inside, the customer always comes first.

We can count on a wide network of loyal distributors by always listening carefully to their needs and providing a reliable service. We focus on the customer experience to meet our customers' expectations and offer additional services to our distributors and the end customer: on-site visits, in-house technicians (even to your home), installation and measurement service…

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