Roman shades

Roman blinds can be integrated into any type of interior and always create the right atmosphere.

However, Roman blinds from Inside Blinds not only provide a pleasant interior, but as a Roman blinds specialist we offer Belgian fabrics that always have one or more of the following functions: designer looks, privacy, sun protection, blackout, fire resistance, ...

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    NEW: The Arc

    The Arc creates a bridge next to the window or door handle to avoid your Roman shade from getting stuck when opening it. The Roman shade glides smoothly along the Arc, preventing the fabric from becoming caught, causing hooks to pop loose or the fabric tearing. Unique on the market, exclusively at your Inside dealer.

    The Arc is available in different designs and is very easy to install using a self-adhesive sticker.

    More info about The Arc

  • Collections

    Each Inside fabric means emotion and produces its own intensity. With Inside's collections, you can easily and quickly find your favourite fabric. From sheer to blackout fabrics, with pattern or plain, ... you can choose from various materials, styles, structures and varieties, all according to your preferences.

  • Belgian apparel

    Inside roman blinds are made in our own workshop in Roeselare and with our patented laser cutting table and automatic tunnel sewing machine we guarantee an optimal result.

    By opting for a single central production site in Belgium, we can control everything down to the smallest detail. Together with our designers and technical specialists, Inside ensures the highest quality that comes with a guarantee.

  • I like it BIG

    Do you have a large window where you also want a roman blind? Then choosing Inside is indisputable, because we can supply high-quality roman blinds in very large versions.

    The basic range is available up to 420cm wide and 590cm high. And with the Maxi XXL system you can even operate roman blinds up to 10 meters wide and 320 cm high (albeit within a limited number of fabrics)!

    XXL roman blinds can also be automated. But thanks to innovative technology, manual operation is not an issue.

  • Our patents make the difference

    Inside distinguishes itself from other brands through a detailed finish and continuous innovation. A self-regulating sleeve in the tunnels ensures a constant tension that guarantees the perfect look of your roman blind.

  • Angled windows, skylights and verandas

    Inside also offers the right solution for angled windows, skylights and verandas. Thanks to the advanced technology of the Inside pull-up systems, it is possible to hang roman blinds in sloping or oblique windows. The roman blind can be raised to the lowest point of the bevel.

    Inside has a great eye for detail. In this way we ensure that (if you request this in advance) all ribs run through for an optimal view.

  • CasaMia

    • With Inside's CasaMia you can customise your roman blinds according to your interior and taste. CasaMia has nine fabric types, each available in a range of 80 uni colours. In this way, countless combinations are created, and you can choose from a sea of possibilities.

    • You can change the design, change the colour combinations and create the most beautiful results on the screen at or at your exclusive Inside dealer . As an extra service, you can also request a colourfast sample of your chosen curtain fabric to try it out at home.
  • Control your roman blinds remotely

    Controlling window decoration remotely is a comfort that is increasingly in demand today. Inside roman blinds lend themselves perfectly to automation and not only make your home smarter, but also increase its value.

    Choose between a regular motor with switch, a remote-controlled motor or connected to your home automation system.

    You can also opt for a system with a timer for operation when you are away or with an integrated sensor so that your roman blind goes down automatically in bright sunlight.

  • Unique lining fabrics

    You choose a lined roman blind to protect the fabric from the sun, to give your roman blind more body, making it even more beautiful and creating excellent sleeping comfort.

    Our unique lining fabrics are available in multiple colours and are the only ones in the world to guarantee the best colour fastness (8/8).

    Thanks to this unique innovation, roman blinds can now be washed and ironed, while retaining colour. see measurements at lining curtains.

  • Some benefits

    1. A self-regulating, patented sleeve containing a spring and sleeve keeps the fabric nice and tight. Each curtain receives a specific spring for the best results depending on the weight of the fabric.

    2. A patented, ultrasonic button hole without fraying makes it easy to remove the bows for cleaning the curtain.

    3. The side seams are also blind stitched. In this way no stitching is visible at the front and the fabric remains smooth. This is applied to almost all fabrics from the Inside collection.

    4. A special flap (sun protection flap) prevents the curtain fabric from discolouring when it is pulled up.

    5. The reinforced adjustment lugs with washer increase the quality even more. Loose eyes or cords are a thing of the past thanks to an extra washer.

    6. The transparent rings are UV-resistant and made of high-quality, colourfast polycarbonate. In addition, they are the smallest of their kind which makes them even less noticeable.

More inspiration?

For almost 30 years, Inside has personally been a guarantee of high quality window decoration, ranging from curtains in luxurious fabrics to wooden blinds that give each interior a unique vibe.

As a Belgian family business, we focus every day on the quality and ease of use of the products in order to meet everyone's interior wishes and needs, today and tomorrow.

Our products are distributed internationally from various showrooms in Europe, but are all made to measure in our workshop in Roeselare: 100% Belgian quality assured!

If you want more from your interior, choose Inside. Whether you are looking for trendy designs, classic designs or more practical solutions, our wide range of products always provide you with the ultimate in quality and class.

Discover all our beautiful fabrics and systems and get to know them up close at an exclusive Inside showroom.

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