Roman shades

Discover the perfect harmony between functionality and style with this classic among curtains. Whether you're looking for a bold statement in your interior or prefer a subtle addition, our custom-made Roman shades provide the perfect solution to transform any space.

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  • Custom Finish

    You determine the finishing touches of your Roman shade entirely yourself. Do you prefer a clean look? Then a Roman shade with rods at the front is a good option. Are you looking for a softer appearance? Opt for a Roman shade with rods at the back. Or do you want to create a more casual look? Then a Roman shade without rods is what you're looking for.

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  • XXL Roman shades up to 10 meters wide

    Looking for a Roman shade for a large window? No problem! At Inside, we specialize in custom Roman shades. We tailor your Roman shade entirely to your preferences, even in extremely large sizes, up to 10 meters (393 inches) wide. These can be automated, but thanks to our innovative technology, it's also possible to manually operate your XXL Roman shade.

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  • Electric Roman shades: stylish and smart

    Being able to control window decorations remotely is a convenience that is increasingly in demand today. Inside's electric Roman shades not only make your home smarter but also increase its value. Did you know that automatic Roman shades always hang perfectly and that your window decorations are less likely to be damaged as a result?

    Choose between a standard motor with switch, a motor with remote control, or connected to your own home automation system. You can also opt for a system with a timer for control in your absence or with an integrated sensor, so that your Roman shades automatically lower in bright sunlight.

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  • Sun protection, transparent or black out

    Our custom-made Roman shades are designed to meet all your needs. For those seeking an airy atmosphere, our transparent Roman shades provide the perfect solution. However, if you prefer complete darkness, opt for our black out Roman shades, which keep out every trace of light. And for those sunny days when you want to enjoy natural light with the necessary protection, our sun protection Roman shades are ideal.

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  • Roman shades for angled windows, skylights and verandas

    Roman shades for angled windows, skylights, or verandas? Inside has the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the advanced technology of our pull up systems, it's possible to install Roman shades on slope or oblique windows. The Roman shade can then be raised to the lowest point of the slanted side. We are known for our attention to detail, so if you wish, we ensure that even with special designs, all rods run continuously for an optimal look.

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  • Advantages of an Inside Roman shade

    1. The Roman shades from Inside are easy to disassemble when you want to have them cleaned.

    2. The fabric of your Roman shade always remains beautifully tight thanks to our innovative production techniques.

    3. On the front of an Inside Roman shade, no stitches are visible as standard.

    4. The UV-resistant, reinforced adjustment eyelets with lockring take the quality to an even higher level.

    5. A sun protection flap prevents the curtain fabric from fading. This technique is applied when the fabric allows it; it is not the case with transparent fabrics.

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