Smart window coverings not only make your life easier but also more enjoyable. What's better than waking up in the morning to a beam of sunlight when the curtains automatically open? And in the evening, they close again, providing extra privacy as it gets dark outside.

Moreover, electric curtains always hang perfectly, and your window coverings are less likely to get damaged. Did you know that electric window coverings also increase the value of your home? Nothing but benefits, really.

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Smart window coverings are not only convenient when you're at home but also simulate presence when you're away. By opening and closing the curtains or blinds at certain times, you create the impression that someone is home. This can help deter potential intruders.

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Energy efficiency

You can not only opt for a timer system for control when absent but also for a system with an integrated sensor so that your curtains automatically close in bright sunlight.

Smart window coverings help you keep the heat out on hot summer days or let in natural light and warmth during cold winter days. By optimizing the use of heating and cooling in this way, you can reduce energy costs.

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Inside Blinds window decorations - electric window coverings - smart curtains

Custom system

Whether you opt for a standard motor with a switch, a motor with a remote control, or connected to your own home automation system... comfort, simplicity, and safety are always paramount. If you don't have the option to provide wiring, then a battery-powered motor is a good option.

Motorizing your window coverings is easy, with an ideal solution for every situation. Our specialized dealers are happy to help you find a system that suits you.

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Integration with your smart home system

Imagine being able to have your smart home operate in complete harmony. All devices seamlessly communicate with each other, as if they've developed their own language. Incoming daylight is blocked by the smart window coverings while simultaneously connecting with the thermostat to regulate the indoor climate down to the finest detail.

It's possible with Eve MotionBlinds.

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