Francq Colors - The Nest 1

TREND PICKS - concept, styling and photography by Francq Colors.

This interpretation of the cave is inspired by no one less than Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and founder of website Goop. With Goop, Paltrow has succeeded in turning her unworldly, snobbish image into a successful business model. She has the finger on the pulse of society and her wellness aesthetic will be setting trends in the years to come.

Goop offers all kinds of pseudo-scientific lifestyle products, such as a jade egg to keep your vagina in shape (price: 66 dollars), a dildo made of solid gold (price: 3.490 dollars) and of course the famous scented candle “This smells like my vagina”, for sale for 75 dollars. As ridiculous as these products might seem, they all went viral. With each hate wave on the web, Gwyneth laughs last. With her appearances on shows and ads, often ironic between the lines, she has become the epitome of cool. Netflix has taken notice and has launched The Goop Lab, in which the Goop team explores the effectiveness of alternative therapies for physical and mental well-being, including taking mushrooms.

Think of it what you might, but it exposes a trend that will only strengthen in the years to come: people want a more intuitive approach to health, with ‘natural’, ‘healthy’ solutions to improve their bodies and minds. The Goop aesthetic language, with its clean, soft, organic shapes and colors, helps to sell these solutions and will become a trend in itself.

Interior design will take inspiration from nature, mushrooms and the vagina, but the result is not hippie at all. It is put through an L.A./Insta filter and turns out to be much more glamorous. Almost too good to be true.