The benefits of motorised window decoration

Time for new window decoration, but you are not convinced if you want it to be motorised? There is no need to doubt any longer! Motorised window decoration provides benefits and nothing but benefits. Once you have settled down in your comfortable armchair, you do not want to stand up again to close the curtains, do you?

  • Choose how to operate them

    From your smartphone, by remote control, or using the domotics system: how you prefer to operate your window decoration is entirely up to you. Via an app on your smartphone or tablet, you set the position of your curtains or blinds for one or multiple rooms. Operating them is easy from that moment on – a simple push of a button is all it takes.

  • Good for the durability of your curtains

    Did you know that electrical control makes your curtains last longer? They will not get damaged easily and will always hang perfectly. That’s a bonus, we think.

  • Use a timer

    Do you want to wake up with some sunlight peeping through the curtains, or would you rather that the curtains close when it gets dark in the evening? You can use a timer to make sure your curtains open and close whenever you want. This comes in handy and is also an interesting feature when you are not at home. In this way, they act as a presence simulator, especially in those dark winter months.

  • Clean and modern look due to the absence of cords

    Maybe the chain of your window decoration has never bothered you, but you will have to admit that without a chain, it looks more modern. Motorised window decoration does not require this chain – and it looks perfect. Less is more…

  • Possible with all Inside window decoration

    Drapes, roman blinds, roller blinds, panel blinds, wooden blinds – whatever you opt for, they can all be motorised. With Inside you can even operate the maxi models by remote control. We designed our own motor for this purpose.

  • Gemotoriseerde raamdecoratie producten
  • The possibility of operating your window decoration by remote control is no unnecessary luxury. It does not only render your home smarter, but it also increases your home’s value. It is a comfort, and its demand is increasing. Have you seen our brand-new remote controls, by the way? They raise your motorised window decoration to an even higher level.

    Our tip: just do it!

    Contact your nearest Inside distributor for more information about the motorisation possibilities of Inside.