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Francq Colors is a trend studio located in the heart of Antwerp. The trend studies of founder Hilde Francq provide insight into the colors, shapes and materials that are hot and trending. Every month we publish a trend report, including Inside Blinds products. This month: Iron Age 1. Enjoy reading!

  • TREND PICKS - concept, styling and photography by Francq Colors.

    What is striking in society is the pervasive polarization. This became impossible to ignore during during the pandemic and the turbulent 2020 U.S. presidential election. In lifestyle, this dichotomy is also present, it influences the way people view life. There is a group with a very positive attitude, peculiar to times of crisis and adversity. The Iron Age theme sits at the other end of the spectrum: people who refuse to see the world more positively than it is. They are convinced that from now on the world can only get worse. They think of a worst-case scenario. That way they will never be surprised by bad news in the future. They dare to face reality and are prepared for the next crisis.

    Consequently, the Iron Age design is cold, dark and distant. It is a trend that opposes the overly beautiful and positive image we see on social media. Simultaneously, designers are considering the doomsday scenario for our planet, where viruses, floods and heat waves will continue to affect our daily lives. Since the pandemic, we are already familiar with those sterile forms and materials - easily decontaminated and therefore virus-proof. In addition, design is going back to basics and moving away from bright colors and all forms of frivolity. Instead, metallics are in favour, as well as hard materials such as stone and glass. The design is often very robust and looks somewhat primitive. This robustness offers something to hold on to in uncertain times. In short: we are going for an interior that can withstand impending doom.

    Of course, the colors of this theme are also dark and cold. The harshness of reality is reflected in the palette with references to metals, ashes, rocks and ice. These are beautiful colors that have faded into the background on social media because they look less appealing in the feed.

  • Inside Blinds trends Francq Colors Iron Age 1 Infinity 120
  • Fabric curtains: Infinity 120

    Partners: Juntoo | Lamett | Jeroen De Ruddere

  • Inside Blinds trends Francq Colors Iron Age 1 Mateo 40
  • Fabric curtains: Mateo 40

    Partners: Levis Atelier | Juntoo | Astrid Van Den Bosch | Quickstep | Jeroen De Ruddere