Roman shades

Bold or subtle. Casual or sleek. Rustic or modern. Roman shades create the perfect ambiance in any interior. Choose from our extensive collection of stylish fabrics and combine them with elegant finishes and innovative systems. This way, we ensure a flawless result in your interior.

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Drapes are a stylish addition to your interior. With a simple detail, the right color, and fabric, you can bring ambiance to both a sleek modern and classic interior. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and finishing options and create the atmosphere you desire.

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Roller shades

With a perfect balance between seeing and being seen, between light and shadow, and between privacy and freedom, roller shades remain the classics in window decor. No matter what your style is, choose from various textures, colors, and styles of our fabric-rich materials and bring your interior to life.

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Bali 30 Inside Blinds
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  • Window panels

    Stylish simplicity, endless possibilities.... Window panels or Japanese panels come into their own on large windows. This type of curtain consists of plain fabrics that are guided along a rail using a sliding system, allowing you to position them flexibly sideways. Whether you want to cover the entire window surface or only part of it, anything is possible.

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    Linora 00 Inside Blinds 2

    Wood blinds

    At any time of the day, enjoy a beautiful interplay of lines... With this natural window decor, you can play with light and give your interior a warm and cozy atmosphere. Whether your style is modern, industrial, or rustic, our wood blinds are a tasteful addition to any living space, thanks to their sleek design and versatile finishing options.

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    2016 Caviar Inside Blinds


    More privacy, less intrusion. If you want to protect your privacy to the maximum without losing the view to the outside, then Squid is an ideal choice. This self-adhesive and transparent solution combines the warm and soft appearance of fabric with the durability of polyester yarn, offering a stylish alternative to window and adhesive films.

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    Wall covering

    Seeking a stylish alternative for paint or wallpaper? Choose our textile wall covering and swiftly transform your space with a unique aesthetic. This exclusive wall treatment not only adds depth and texture to your walls, but also exudes a warm and luxurious ambiance. In an instant.

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    Helena 20 Inside Blinds