Feel the texture of our textile-rich fabrics.

Our roller shades are the definition of quality and class. With us, you get complete freedom to find a suitable fabric for your interior. Thanks to our innovative laminating technology, we can offer you a wide range of textile-rich fabrics. That way, you do not have to limit yourself to the standard roller shade fabrics but can really go for a fabric that completely matches your interior and personality.

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What is the laminating technique?

As part of the laminating technique, two layers of fabric – either the same or different types – are bonded together with an additional film in between. Next, the whole comprising the various layers is hardened. In this way, we make an ordinary fabric suitable for roller shades, which truly retains that typical fabric feel. In other words: the choice in terms of colors, styles, and textures is truly endless.

Unique on the market: the same fabric for all your drapes.

Do you prefer uniformity? Combine your roller shades with side panel drapes or Roman shades in identical fabric. After all, with Inside, you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard roller shade fabrics. Thanks to our innovative laminating technology, we can make ordinary fabrics suitable for roller shades. In that way, we make your roller shade fully customized and combining becomes even more fun. It doesn’t get any more stylish...

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Take your pick from our 200+ fabrics.

Our new collection of roller shades includes no fewer than 222 fabrics. Will you choose blackout or rather semi-transparent roller shades? Smooth or with a little more texture? In a striking or subtle color? From laminated, coated, to screen fabrics, we have countless options for finishes to add a unique touch to your interior. We check off your every wish, all of this even up to 4 meters wide.

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Natural light or completely dark: we offer something for everyone.

A roller shade is not only pleasing to the eye, but also has many functional benefits. Especially when you have it lined. With a semi-transparent lining, you keep out the bright rays of the sun but still enjoy the wonderful incoming daylight. In turn, a blackout lining is the solution for ensuring a blissful night’s sleep, because it does not let any light through at all. By the way, did you know that lined drapes offer soundproofing as well as extra insulation? In that way, you will always enjoy a pleasant environment and save extra on that energy bill.

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Stains are a thing of the past thanks to W.E.T.

An accident happens quickly, even on your window treatment. But don’t worry! We provide the necessary protection. Have the fabric of your roller shade treated with the Water Elimination Technique (W.E.T.), which makes the fabric water repellent and stain resistant. This technique is completely unique on the market and provides high-quality protection for your window treatment. This means that you can enjoy your special roller shades worry-free.

Your nearest Inside dealer will be happy to tell you which of our roller shade fabrics can be W.E.T. treated.


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