Craft & nature

Natural materials have become indispensable in interiors, and with this collection, your clients can now extend that even to their curtains. Our collection, crafted from materials such as paper, wood, and jute, is exactly what your clients need to bring a touch of natural beauty into their homes. This extraordinary collection offers a variety of weaving techniques, from subtle and soft to robust and powerful. The color palette is deliberately kept neutral, contributing to the serene atmosphere of any interior. Regardless of the interior style, these curtains are an absolute must to add a touch of natural harmony to your clients' living spaces. Available for roller, roman, and panel curtains.

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Inside Blinds Craft and nature shivta 20 EN Inside Blinds Craft and nature Kamani 10 EN Inside Blinds Craft and nature Djaba 10 EN Inside Blinds Craft and nature Gobi 30 EN


Rediscover UV-resistant fabrics with our Colorshield collection: the perfect combination of comfort and durability. Thanks to our new and unique yarn, developed in collaboration with Lampe Textiles, we offer a beautiful alternative to the UV-resistant fabrics as you know them today. Choose from a diverse collection featuring trendy colors and textures. Your customer will enjoy the latest trends with maximum protection against the sun and weather, while maintaining color intensity. And the best part? These draping fabrics have a beautiful, natural appearance that is hardly distinguishable from traditional fabrics.

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Inside Blinds Colorshield Lumis 50 100 30 EN Inside Blinds Colorshield Lumis 80 Sole 70 EN Inside Blinds Colorshield Luce 80 110 90 EN

Remy Meijers

Dutch interior architect Remy Meijers is constantly striving for the perfect balance. His interiors radiate both absolute tranquility and tension, drama, and richness to achieve that balance. Discover now how he has translated his vision into a new fabric collection for Inside.

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Inside Blinds Remy Meijers 4 EN Inside Blinds Remy Meijers Prado 80 Moma 50 Getty 60 Louvre 60 EN Inside Blinds Remy Meijers 3 EN Inside Blinds Remy Meijers 2 EN


The Ecolove collection is characterized by its soft trend colors and various textures. From fine or textured voiles to in-betweens or fully closed fabrics... This collection has something for everyone and starts from a green vision for the future. The yarns are recycled from used PET bottles from the ocean or land. In summary: a stylish collection with a heart for the planet. Ready to discover how sustainability and style form a perfect combo?

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Inside Blinds Ecolove Willow 60 Linden 20 EN Inside Blinds Ecolove Cypres 40 Cypres 20 Linden 10 Linden 30 EN Inside Blinds Ecolove Fern 10 Fern 40 EN Inside Blinds Ecolove Cypres 20 40 EN

Transparency box

Be amazed by the rich textures and breathtaking variety of our new transparency box. This collection includes an extensive range of styles and structures, from delicate voile to subtle in-between and everything therein. Each fabric in this new transparency box creates a unique dimension of light and privacy.

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Inside Blinds transparency box Waswasi 20 Cielo 20 Sicretu 20 EN Inside Blinds transparency box Delicado Vindur 20 Volare 10 EN Inside Blinds transparency box Mazava 30 Somer 20 Tarifa 10 EN

New screen fabrics

Get ready for the expansion of our screen fabric collection with no less than 5 new fabrics! Each of these fabrics has its own unique features ranging from light obstruction to light reflection, insulation capability, durability, and captivating structures. Explore these versatile additions to our range and offer your customers even more choice and style options for their windows.

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Inside Blinds screens EN

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