Do your windows have style? Curtain trends for 2024

The chapter of 2023 is closed, time for a new year with fresh insights. No worries, because Inside Blinds is already prepared to hang a new pair of curtains. Window decoration is a crucial interior element that completes a space and, when executed correctly, elevates it to a higher level. As experts in high-quality curtain solutions, Inside Blinds keeps a close eye on the pulse to stay up-to-date with the most beautiful trends for the new year. Does 2024 have new curtains in store for you? Get inspired by Inside Blinds and discover how to drape your home with stylish window decor.

  • Trend 1: Radical pink

    Pink may have been the trendiest color this year, and in 2024, the sweet hue continues to capture our hearts. Paint manufacturer Levis has already named the soft pink Sweet Embrace™ as the new Color of the Year. Inside Blinds also suggests pink window decor to finish off your interior as a bold statement piece that catches everyone's eye. Whether it's blush pink, pastel, or a more intense shade, there's a suitable pink for every interior.

  • Inside Blinds blog curtain trends for 2024 - radical pink
  • Trend 2: Transparent (or not)

    Drape voile in front of your windows and give your interior an extremely stylish touch. Whether you combine it with colored curtains or use it as a standalone, the soft translucent fabric exudes sophistication. The incoming sunlight is gently muted but remains strong, and prying eyes are sufficiently excluded. Finally, opt for tailor-made window decor or let the voile fall from ceiling to floor for an elegant result.

  • Inside Blinds blog curtain trends for 2024 - (in)Transparent
  • Trend 3: Earthy curtains

    The scents, colors, and beauty of nature are an eternal source of inspiration. When incorporated into our interior, they create calmness and serenity. While it has been a significant trend for some time, nature will once again adorn our windows in the new year. Think of sand colors and earth tones, rougher textures, and natural fabrics that allow light to enter in a unique way.

  • Inside Blinds blog curtain trends for 2024 - earthy curtains
  • Trend 4: Make it POP

    Tired of natural colors? No problem, because the other side of the color spectrum is also thriving in 2024. Add some flair to your interior with brightly colored curtains - with or without striking patterns. Want something more? Color block your window decor with the color of the wall for a unique effect. But a colorful monochrome look also brings your home to life. Whatever you prefer, your window coverings are the perfect canvas to play with color and character.

  • Inside Blinds blog curtain trends for 2024 - make it POP