Why choose one type of window covering when you can combine two?

Can’t decide between all types of window covering? At Inside, we love combinations. Combining two types of window covering can add depth and texture to a room. In this blog, we would like to show you which combinations you can use at home and what benefits they offer.

  • Drapes x wood blinds

    A classic is the combination of wood blinds and side panel drapes. Why is it so popular in many interiors? The absolute advantage of wood blinds is the natural colour of the light entering your home. You can experiment with opening and closing the slats to achieve the desired light. You can even adjust your blinds down to the millimetre, enabling you to decide how much privacy you want at any time of day. Side panel drapes, on the other hand, are huge mood creators that add warmth and cosiness to your interior. If you want more privacy at nightfall, close your side panel drapes and enjoy an insulating effect, as well.

  • Inside Blinds combinatie raamdecoratie
  • Drapes x roller shades

    Would you prefer a slightly sleeker look? If so, choose for the combination of roller shades and side panel drapes, whether from the same fabric or otherwise. Roller shades create a sleek look, while side panel drapes soften the overall look. Both have excellent insulating properties and here, too, you can experiment with light and privacy. For example, you can choose for a roller shade in (semi-)transparent fabric and side panel drapes in a blackout fabric. That way, you enjoy pleasant light during the day and close the side panel drapes at night for complete privacy.

  • Inside Blinds combinatie raamdecoratie 2
  • Drapes x Roman shades

    Slightly less sleek than the previous combination is a Roman shade with side panel drapes. Both are real mood creators, so together they are guaranteed to create a tasteful and cosy ensemble. By using not one, but two layers of fabric, you create extra volume and in that way you enjoy an insulating effect. With a Roman shade, you control how much light comes in. Experiment with light transparency to achieve the desired effect. You can then close the side panel drapes again for complete privacy.

  • Inside Blinds combinatie raamdecoratie 3
  • Drapes x Squid

    Want cosiness while having privacy? Squid is a self-adhesive fabric that obstructs views during the day. Add side panel drapes to give the room extra atmosphere and cosiness and enjoy complete privacy at night. But it goes much further! Squid can also be combined with Roman shades, roller shades, wood blinds and window panels.

  • Inside Blinds combinatie raamdecoratie 4
  • Drapes x drapes

    Would you like extra cosiness in your home? If so, combine two types of side panel drapes. For example, choose for a transparent side panel drape together with a blackout fabric so you can still see outside a bit during the day while enjoying complete privacy at night. In addition, side panel drapes contribute to the thermal and sound insulation of your home and improve acoustics.