Common interior design questions answered by our designers

Do you have a burning interior design question? You might find the answer in this blog. Because our designers, Ilse and Nausicaa, answer some common interior design questions. From trending colors to must-have fabrics, they are happy to share their best advice.

  • Q: Can I combine two types of window coverings or is that not done?

    A: Of course, without a doubt! In that way, you create extra atmosphere and can meet various needs in terms of style, privacy and so on.

    Some fun combinations:

    • Roller shades x draperies
    • Roman shades x draperies
    • Wood blinds x draperies

    By the way, did you know that at Inside you can get various types of window coverings in the same fabric?

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  • Q: Which fabrics will be must-haves in the coming years?

    A: Inbetween fabrics certainly make an appearance. These fabrics are made of thicker threads, but these are more transparently woven. The best of both worlds: they offer gorgeous volume while still allowing light through.

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  • Q: We are looking for nice window coverings for the bathroom. Any tips?

    A: For the bathroom, we recommend Squid or roller shades with a screen fabric. Squid is moisture resistant, making it ideal for the bathroom. Thanks to its minimalist look, Squid also matches any interior style. You have a choice two levels of transparency (1% or 5%) with six stylish color options each.

    Roller shades with a screen fabric are also moisture resistant. Our collection contains many natural textures that create a pleasant atmosphere.

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  • Q: What colors can I choose from to make a statement in my interior?

    A: I would go for a nice, deep ochre. This combines very nicely with natural colors. I am also seeing more and more rusty brown tones appearing within interior design trends. Both are perfect for making a statement with your window coverings or, for those who prefer something more subtle, for adding accents to your interior.

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  • Q: Which window covering fits best in country-modern interiors?

    A: In interiors such as these, wood blinds are an absolute match. Side panel drapes are also perfect, for example our Boho fabric with a wave pleat for the modern touch.

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  • Q: What fabric is best to use in the bathroom?

    A: Our screen fabrics are perfect for the bathroom. These fabrics are not only suitable for roller shades, but (some) are also suitable for Roman shades. If you do prefer a plain fabric for humid areas such as the bathroom, we recommend avoiding natural fibers. We can suggest various fabrics from our collection, such as Favorite, Espresso, Apology and others.

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  • Q: What are the currently trending colors for window covering?

    A: Warm earth tones, from sand to rust.

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  • Q: Which window covering should I choose to make a room look bigger?

    A: You should absolutely use floor-length side panel drapes. An extra tip is to choose the same color shade for both your draperies and your paintwork. This way, you create large surfaces, which brings peace to your interior and makes the room look visually larger.

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  • Q: What types of lining are available?

    A: Depending on your needs, there are different types of lining, from fully blackout to translucent.

    • Sun protection: translucent
    • Dim-out: still lets some light through
    • Black-out: fully opaque

    At Inside, we have also developed a unique fabric with integrated lining: Fusion.

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  • Q: Which draperies are best to choose for very tall windows?

    A: In a modern interior, we would recommend roller shades or Roman shades. Roman shades are most suitable in a country interior. Side panel drapes are also a good option, but only if the windows are also wide enough.

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  • Q: What pleat should I choose for my draperies?

    A: That depends on the style of your interior and your personal preferences. In a modern interior, we mainly recommend a wave. For a slightly more classic look, for example, you can opt for a double pleat.

    By the way, did you know that we have also introduced two new folds at Inside? Both are based on the wave: rave for a tighter look and rave+ for a more voluminous look.

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  • Q: What color combination do you recommend when combining a voile and a drape in a regular fabric

    A: You can choose the same colors, because they will look different on voile than on regular fabric. In that way, you create a beautiful whole. Still want to work with various colors? If so, then it’s best to choose a voile in a lighter shade than the side panel drape.