The right window treatment for every room

When looking for the perfect window decoration, it's important to consider the room where it will be installed. We've made a list of things to keep in mind for each room.

  • Bedroom

    In the bedroom, the degree of blackout often plays an important role. Lined roller shades, drapes or roman shades are popular choices here. At Inside, we have a wide selection of lining fabrics available in different colors, each with its own degree of transparency. We also offer dim-out fabrics, which are a good alternative to regular lining fabrics.

  • Inside Blinds roller shades Goran 150
  • Bathroom

    In humid areas such as the bathroom, wood blinds are currently very popular. Aside from being moisture resistant, they also offer a variety of options in terms of privacy. You can adjust Inside’s wood blinds down to a fraction of an inch, giving you complete control of how much privacy they provide. With their muted natural look, they will transform your bathroom into a relaxing wellness space.

    You can also confidently use Squid in your bathroom. In fact, this self-adhesive transparent solution can withstand temperatures up to 140°F and is moisture-resistant. Squid provides additional privacy and is available in two different densities: Basic (transparency 5%) and OP (transparency 1%).

  • Inside Blinds Squid chalk
  • Kitchen

    Everything gets dirty just a little faster in the kitchen, which is why we prefer low-maintenance alternatives. Wood blinds are easy to clean which makes them a good option for your kitchen. We can also recommend Squid for its moisture and heat resistance. Roller shades are also sometimes chosen for the kitchen, but in that case we recommend roller shades with a heavier screen fabric. These can be cleaned with a damp cloth, while regular roller shades are difficult to clean and cannot be washed.

    Drapes or roman shades are not as popular in the kitchen because the fabric gets dirty more quickly. But if they are hung farther from the cooking area, it is possible. By the way, did you know that Inside can treat your chosen fabric with W.E.T. for extra protection? Read all about W.E.T. here.

  • Inside Blinds wood blinds 2018 bright white
  • Living room

    For the living room, the possibilities are endless. Your choice will depend on your personal wishes in terms of privacy, blackout, and, above all, atmosphere. You can also play with combinations to meet all your wishes.

    Window treatment is essential to the look and feel of your living room. Be sure to get plenty of inspiration before making a decision. Our sample service can help you do just that (currently only available in Dutch or French)! And our distributors are also always at your service

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