Roller shades

Roller blinds have long been an essential part of interiors and remain hugely popular today. At Inside, we give this classic a contemporary twist, offering sizes up to 4 meters wide (157 inches) and 3.5 meters high (137 inches) . We aim for innovative and hyper-functional systems, combined with beautiful and decorative fabrics. Experience the perfect fusion of design, fabric, and technology with Inside's custom roller shades - a true enhancement for your home.

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  • Fabrics full of character

    What makes Inside roller blinds so unique? Thanks to our innovative lamination technique, we make even ordinary fabrics suitable for roller shades while preserving that typical fabric feel. We customize your roller blind in any style you desire. So, your choice in terms of colors, styles, and textures is truly endless.

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  • Mix and match

    Our innovative lamination technique offers even more benefits. It provides an endless range, so you don't have to limit yourself to standard roller blind fabrics. This allows you to combine your roller blinds with curtains or Roman shades in the same fabric. It doesn't get any more stylish than that...

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  • Inside Blinds custom roller blinds - luxury roller shades - blackout roller shades - roller blinds kitchen -  Apology 50 Inside Blinds custom roller blinds - beige roller blinds - luxury roller shades - blackout roller shades - Apology 50

    Custom Finish

    Found your ideal fabric? Now, determine your favorite finishing touches. You decide on the color of the controls, mounting profiles, and chain. As standard, we finish our roller blinds with a retractable bottom bar, where the cover cap perfectly matches the color of your chosen fabric. Want to go a step further? You can also opt for a sleek design bottom bar or a rounded bottom bar in matte white, matte black, anodized, bronze, or cream.

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  • Inside Blinds custom roller blind - blackout roller shades - sun-blocking roller blind - gray roller blind - roller shades bedroom - Goran 150 Inside Blinds - custom roller blinds - roller shades - Haiku 20

    Sun protection, transparent or black out

    Our custom-made roller blinds are designed to meet all your needs. Choose from over 200 fabrics and determine the level of transparency yourself. For those seeking an airy atmosphere, our transparent roller blinds provide the perfect solution. On the other hand, if you want to create complete darkness, opt for our black out roller shades, which keep out every trace of light. And for those sunny days when you want to enjoy natural light with the necessary protection, our sun protection roller blinds are ideal.

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  • Electric roller blinds: stylish and smart

    To make your roller blind even more customised to your needs, we can also laminate fabrics at Inside. It is used to bond different layers of fabric – equal or different – and to solidify the fabric. The sides are cut ultrasonically to prevent fraying.

    The lamination also allows regular fabrics to be used and the typical fabric feeling is also preserved as much as possible in your roller blind. You can choose between translucent, black out or sun protection fabrics.

    Tip: thanks to the lamination technique, you can also combine other products and, for example, have curtains and roller blinds made in the same fabric. It doesn't get more stylish!

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More inspiration?

With an impressive 30 years of innovation and experience, Inside has perfected the art of craftsmanship, resulting in unparalleled quality and artistry. We are pioneers in designing high-quality custom window decorations, ranging from curtains in luxurious fabrics to wooden blinds that give every interior a unique vibe.

Every day, we strive to push boundaries. Not only figuratively, but also literally. Our products are individually tailored in our own workshop in Belgium, but are distributed internationally from various showrooms in Europe and beyond.

Discover all our beautiful fabrics and systems and get to know them up close at an exclusive Inside dealer near you.

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