Stains are a thing of the past thanks to W.E.T.

Stains are sometimes unavoidable and happen faster than you think. Imagine: you are telling a story with a glass of red wine in your hand and you are just a little too enthusiastic about it. Believe us, it happens... Or just think of a toddler with dirty hands, who decides to give your curtains a new look. Or even just flies or insects that leave stains on your window decoration. That's why we developed at Inside W.E.T.

  • We believe that your favorite window decoration deserves the best protection. W.E.T. -Water Elimination Technique- is our exclusive water repellent and stain resistant protection that means that stains, no longer stand a chance.

  • Say goodbye to stains on your window decoration

    If you no longer want to worry about stains, you can add W.E.T. to the order when purchasing your new Inside window decoration. This treatment makes the fabric water repellent and stain resistant.

    After treatment, dirt can no longer penetrate the fiber. Dirt residues can therefore be removed quickly and easily with a minimum of cleaning agents. And liquids? They simply drip down when they come into contact with the fabric. Cleaning is then very easy, a little kitchen paper can be sufficient.

    Not yet completely convinced of the power of W.E.T? Click here and watch our video where we do the test ourselves.

  • Benefit from less need for maintenance

    Another excellent advantage: after treatment with W.E.T., your window decoration requires less maintenance. Treated window decorations can of course still be washed, but the need for this is considerably reduced. This way you save time and money in the long run. After treatment with W.E.T., the fabric no longer absorbs dirt. Dirt “sticks” between the fibers, making it disappear after a wash and requiring less detergent. Incidentally, did you know that W.E.T. stays intact longer when less detergent is used? Recommended amount of detergent: 50% less than usual.

    All that's left for you to do is… enjoy carefree. Fantastic isn't it?

  • WET 2
  • Contribute to a more sustainable society

    The treatment is also 100% ecological and child friendly, because W.E.T. does not contain any harmful substances. The treatment has an OEKO-TEX certificate and therefore contains no PFOS, PFOA, Teflon, or other harmful substances. W.E.T. is a new technology based on nanomolecules that are highly water repellent and stain resistant.

    Add to this that W.E.T. extends the life of your window decoration and reduces the need for maintenance with (aggressive) cleaning agents. Then the purchase of that new window decoration immediately becomes that little bit more sustainable and conscious. Happy you, happy planet!

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  • But how does it work?

    With this new technology, tiny particles literally penetrate the fabric. This way they become one with each individual fiber and your fabric becomes resistant to stains. So W.E.T. does not leave a layer on the fabric, because every fabric fiber is individually impregnated with our secret formula. Best of all, this treatment doesn't change the texture, color and other characteristics of your fabric. Fabrics remain transparent, breathable and just as beautiful as before.

    Are you also going for extra security? Then go for W.E.T.

    Bye bye stains, hello sustainable living comfort.

    This technique is completely unique on the market and therefore only available at Inside Blinds. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of W.E.T.? Then quickly contact one of our distributors in your area!