Window decoration for your student room with an Inside touch

It doesn't matter whether you choose Ghent, Leuven, Antwerp or Brussels: going to uni is a key moment in your life. For many students, this also means going into a room, saying goodbye to hotel mama and looking forward to furnishing your own room! This also includes good window darkening. Discover below which Inside window decoration suits your room best!

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  • Squid: window decoration on a budget

    Is your student room located in a busy street and do you suffer from a lot of people looking in? Then Squid is exactly what you are looking for. Squid is a budget-friendly transparent fabric that you can apply to your windows. This way you can look outside during the day without any problems, while looking the inside is greatly hindered. Thanks to Squid you can enjoy your privacy and a beautiful view outside. During the day, Squid lets in sufficient daylight and thus creates a pleasant, light-filled interior. Are you looking for complete blackout at night? Then it is advisable to combine your Squid with curtains.

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  • Cosy curtains: curtains create a nice atmosphere in your room

    Curtains are often the deal breaker when furnishing an interior: they transform every room into a cosy living space. Choose floor-to-ceiling curtains to create the illusion of a larger space, ideal for making your cosy student room look bigger. Did you know that the most popular curtain colours are shades of white? Light and natural colours provide a fresh and timeless look.

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  • Practical and timeless: roller blinds are easy to use

    Most student rooms consist of one room where you eat, study and sleep. Can you only sleep well when it's pitch dark? Then it is best to choose blackout roller blinds. The Inside roller blinds are not only timeless but also practical. They are easy to use and guarantee minimal light. Our roller blinds are available in various trendy colours and designs.

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  • Make your student room optically bigger with these Inside tips!

    Let's be honest: unless you have a generous budget, your student room will probably look cosy but small. Yet you can make your room look bigger with a smart design and strategically chosen window decoration. Discover our handy Inside tips below:

    • Choose light colours
      From window decorations to furniture to the walls, light colours brighten up your room and make any space seem bigger.
    • Go for plain window decoration
      In a small space it is important to create peace of mind. So don't be tempted by busy patterns, but opt for relaxing window decoration in a plain color. Trust us on this one!
    • Curtains from ceiling to floor
      Do you have a small window? Then choose curtains that hang from the ceiling to the floor. This not only gives your room a luxurious look, but also makes your living space seem larger and higher.
    • Wide window decoration
      As a variant on the long curtains, you can also make your curtains wider than necessary. This way you optically extend your walls and create the illusion of large, wide windows.

    Are you also looking for a blackout tailored to your room? Then contact one of our distributors and discover our wide range of window decoration for your student room!