How do you best clean your window decoration, from blinds to curtains?

Cleaning window decoration is not on the daily to-do list of most people. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain your window decoration regularly, so that you can enjoy it longer. Keep in mind that window decorations are very fragile, so it's best to treat them with a lot of love and care. But… how do you best clean your window decoration? Don't panic, we got you covered! In this blog we share our ultimate cleaning tips for every type of window decoration.

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  • Blinds: quick and easy cleaning

    Do you also love the cosy charm of wooden blinds? This beautiful eye-catcher gives extra cachet to any interior. The only drawback is that this wooden window decoration attracts a lot of dust, which is clearly noticeable when the sun is shining. Fortunately, blinds are very easy to maintain!

    DO: Wipe off visible dust with a feather duster or anti-static dry duster. Always be careful with the vulnerable ladder cord or strap. In case of persistent dirt or dust, you can clean the blinds a little more thoroughly with a slightly damp cloth.

    DON'T: Do not use any cleaning products as they may affect or damage the blinds.

    FREQUENCY: Every two weeks, then a thorough cleaning on a frequent basis is not necessary.

    INSIDE BLINDS TIP: Looking for the fastest way to clean your wooden blinds? Close your blinds and clean them from left to right and top to bottom. Then close them in the other direction and clean them in the same way.

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  • Curtains: to dry clean or not to dry clean?

    The only way to clean your curtains is to wash them (very gently). There are many different curtain fabrics, so it is very important to read the washing instructions for your curtains carefully.

    DO: Dry cleaning remains the best and safest way to clean your curtains, because they know exactly how to handle different fabrics. If you do wash your curtains yourself, it is best to do this on a wool program with a maximum of 400 turns.

    DON'T: Never use a dryer, it will reduce the quality of the fabric. Don't stuff your washing machine full either, otherwise you may have to deal with creases that can no longer be ironed out.

    FREQUENCY: Once a year is more than enough, so the curtains keep looking their best.

    INSIDE BLINDS TIP: Hang your curtains wet, so they can dry optimally without major creases.

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  • Roman blinds: say no to bleach!

    Roman blinds really fit into any type of interior and are easy to maintain. What's not to love?

    DO: You can easily wipe off visible dust with a feather duster or an antistatic dry duster. If you want to clean your roman blinds extra well, you can take them to the dry cleaners or wash them yourself according to the washing instructions. Please note, roman blinds are attached to a Velcro system. Remove the curtain from the Velcro, remove the ribs and detach the cords.

    DON'T: Do not use detergent that contains bleach, otherwise you run the risk that your ecru curtains will suddenly turn white. A mild detergent for a coloured wash is the best option.

    FREQUENCY: Once a year is enough, so the quality of the fabric is preserved.

    INSIDE BLINDS TIP: Hang the curtains immediately after washing, this way most creases disappear on their own.

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  • Roller blinds: sustainable and simple

    Roller blinds are durable and require very little maintenance, talking about a win-win situation… Of course you can't wash a roller blind, but how can you clean this window decoration?

    DO: First roll up the curtain and use a soft cloth to clean the system, controls and bottom rail. Then unroll the curtain and dust the front and back with a feather duster or dry duster. You cannot wash a roller blind, but some heavier screen cloth that are used as outdoor sun protection can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

    DON'T: You should also avoid using cleaning products with roller blinds.

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  • Squid: never wash your windows again

    One of our favorite Squid advantages? That you never have to wash your windows again! Squid is antibacterial and requires very little maintenance.

    DO: Clear of dust using a microfibre cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.

    DON’T: Squid should not be removed for maintenance and obviously cannot be washed. The inside of the window on which Squid is placed should no longer be cleaned with water. In addition, avoid using detergents or cleaning agents.

    FREQUENCY: Squid can be cleared of dust regularly.

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  • Additional general dry cleaning tips

    Would you rather play it safe and have your curtains washed in the laundry? Thanks to the tips below, you will get your curtains back in pristine condition:

    1. Choose a dry cleaner equipped with a stretching machine, such as Nieuwkuis De Zon in Ypres. If the curtains have shrunk after cleaning, they are brought back to the correct size thanks to this machine.
    2. Always state the dimensions of your curtains.
    3. Inquire in advance about the composition of the fabric, because this is important information for the dry cleaner.

    That's it, with these tips you can maintain your window decoration carefree! Would you like to know the composition of your Inside Blinds curtains or do you have additional maintenance questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!