Whichever window decoration you choose, the effect on your interior will be fantastic. Curtains make every living space unique and offer stylish added value in both modern villas and classic interiors.

Although sleek roman blinds are still very popular, we are once again opting for the cozy coziness of curtains. There is a wide range of fabrics and finishes to choose from, so you're sure to find a combination that makes your heart beat a little faster.

  • Large windows

    Curtains are also very suitable for covering large windows, both aesthetically and technically. They also do wonders for the acoustics and contribute to the heat and sound insulation of your home.

  • Curtains x wooden blinds

    Here you can combine the functional aspect of wooden blinds with the cosiness of curtains. The wooden blinds offer a solution for privacy and bright sunlight, while the curtains have an insulating effect. The combination provides your interior with a sumptuous look.

  • Curtains x roman blinds

    Sufficient sunlight in the house and at the same time create extra security? You do this by combining roman blinds with curtains, a popular choice to guarantee both pleasant light and privacy.

    With roman blinds you determine how much light comes in. The curtains keep out unwanted looks and you can close them at any time for complete privacy.

  • Transparent or blackout

    Combining two curtains? No problem! For example, you can opt for one transparent curtain and one blackout curtain. This way you can enjoy the light during the day and still keep unwanted eyes out and in the evening you can enjoy total privacy and good sleeping comfort.

  • Lining, a good choice to darken a room

    Are you looking for beautiful curtains in the bedroom? Then we always advise to have these produced. Lined curtains are closed curtains with a lining at the back for a blackout effect. The lining is visible from the outside and is available in several colours.

    The colour of the lining can be adapted to the colour of the fabric or your facade. Our lining fabrics all have a high color fastness factor, which means they also offer protection against discolouration of the cloth.

  • Detailed finish for a powerful look.

    The look and feel of your curtain is not in the least determined by the way it is made up. At Inside we offer a wide range of configuration options so that you can totally determine the appearance of your curtain.

    With a modern wave, for example, you get a stable unit with a nice wave. Do you like an elegant interior? Then choose a triple pleat and create a generous look that fits perfectly into your classic interior. Curtains with eyelets on a rod provide a cool touch that matches nicely with industrial or modern interiors. In short, something for every style!

  • Buttonhole method

    Our curtains are equipped with a button system patented by Inside to attach the lining to the fabric. Even if the lining or fabric shrinks, the side seams won't strip and the buttonhole slack will keep the curtain looking straight.

    Prefer solid lining? That is also available, but we kindly recommend the buttonhole system to keep your curtain in excellent condition for as long as feasible. Inside, the choice for absolute perfection!

  • Motorised curtains: nothing but benefits.

    In the morning, the curtains open automatically and you can instantly start your day with a lovely hint of sunlight. In the evening they close automatically at the time you want and you can create cosiness and privacy in your home effortlessly.

    Using an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can pre-position your curtains for one or more rooms and control your curtains with the touch of a button.

    Why choose motorised curtains:

    • You can easily control them via your smartphone, remote control or home automation system.
    • Motorised curtains always hang perfectly.
    • The electronic control reduces the risk of damage to the curtains.
    • Thanks to the timer, the curtains will open and close automatically when you want them to: convenient when you are at home and a good presence simulator when you are away.
  • CasaMia

    • With Inside CasaMia you can customise your curtains according to your interior and taste. CasaMia has nine fabric types, each available in a range of 80 uni colours. In this way, countless combinations are created, and you can choose from a sea of possibilities.
    • You can change the design, change the colour combinations and create the most beautiful results on the screen at www.insidecasamia.be or at your exclusive Inside dealer. As an extra service, you can also request a colourfast sample of your chosen curtain fabric to try it out at home.

More inspiration?

For almost 30 years, Inside has personally been a guarantee of high quality window decoration, ranging from curtains in luxurious fabrics to wooden blinds that give each interior a unique vibe.

As a Belgian family business, we focus every day on the quality and ease of use of the products in order to meet everyone's interior wishes and needs, today and tomorrow.

Our products are distributed internationally from various showrooms in Europe, but are all made to measure in our workshop in Roeselare: 100% Belgian quality assured!

If you want more from your interior, choose Inside. Whether you are looking for trendy designs, classic designs or more practical solutions, our wide range of products always provide you with the ultimate in quality and class.

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