Discover the timeless elegance and cozy warmth of custom draperies. Whether you're aiming for a sleek modern design or a classic interior, drapes add undeniable charm to any space. Within our extensive collection of fabrics and finishing options, you'll undoubtedly find a combination that speaks to your heart.

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    Custom finish

    Rural drapes, modern drapes, or rather a rugged touch? Whatever your style, at Inside, you determine the appearance of your drapery entirely yourself. With a ripplefold, for example, you create a sleek look with beautiful wave. With a triple pleat, you give your stately interior a royal appearance. Or how about draperies on rod for a rural or industrial look?

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  • Curtains for large windows

    Both aesthetically and technically, curtains are the ideal solution for dressing large windows. The possibilities are endless. Moreover, they work wonders for acoustics and contribute to the thermal and sound insulation of your home.

    Need advice for your large windows? Our specialized dealers are happy to assist you with advice.

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  • Electric curtains: stylish and smart

    Being able to control window decoration remotely is a convenience that is increasingly in demand today. Electric curtains from Inside not only make your home smarter but also increase its value. Did you know that electric curtains always hang perfectly and that your window decoration is less likely to get damaged?

    Choose between a regular motor with a switch, a motor with remote control, or connected to your own home automation system. You can also opt for a system with a timer for operation when you're away or with an integrated sensor, so that your curtains automatically close in bright sunlight.

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  • Protect your draperies with our designer draw rod

    Our stylish design draw rods not only increase your comfort, but also promote the longevity of your curtains. They protect your curtains from dirt and wear when frequently opened and closed. Moreover, they add a refined aesthetic to your interior, making them a valuable addition to your living space.

  • Buttonhole method

    We invest daily in our innovative and patented production methods so that you can always enjoy an impeccable look. For instance, our drapes are equipped with a patented buttonhole system, which attaches the lining to the fabric. This ensures that your curtain always looks neat. Even if the lining or fabric were to shrink slightly, the side hems won't fray thanks to the flexibility of the buttonhole.

    Prefer a fixed lining? That's also possible, but we highly recommend the buttonhole system to keep your drapery in excellent condition for as long as possible.

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  • Sun protection, transparent or black out

    Our custom-made drapes are designed to meet all your needs. For those seeking an airy atmosphere, our transparent draperies or sheer draperies provide the perfect solution. However, if you want to create complete darkness, opt for our black out draperies, which keep out every trace of light. And for those sunny days when you want to enjoy natural light with the necessary protection, our sun protection drapes are ideal.

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  • Mix and match

    Extra privacy and comfort? Combine different types of window treatments and optimize the amount of light in your home day and night.

    For example, combine Roman shades with curtains, or wood blinds with curtains, or even curtains with curtains. The possibilities are endless and offer you complete control over the light and privacy in your home.

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More inspiration?

With an impressive 30 years of innovation and experience, Inside has perfected the art of craftsmanship, resulting in unparalleled quality and artistry. We are pioneers in designing high-quality custom window decorations, ranging from curtains in luxurious fabrics to wooden blinds that give every interior a unique vibe.

Every day, we strive to push boundaries. Not only figuratively, but also literally. Our products are individually tailored in our own workshop in Belgium, but are distributed internationally from various showrooms in Europe and beyond.

Discover all our beautiful fabrics and systems and get to know them up close at an exclusive Inside dealer near you.

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