Wood blinds

Choose peace and warmth with Inside's wooden blinds. Thanks to their sleek design and versatile finishing options, they tastefully complement a variety of interior styles.

The wooden blinds are made of durable, high-quality wood and provide natural light.

  • Collection

    When you assemble your wooden blinds you have many choices. The finish of the slats determines the overall appearance of your wooden blinds. Inside's blinds are available in different widths and colours.

  • Close to nature

    With the wooden blinds from Inside you bring nature all the way inside. With stained slats you opt for a beautiful wood look that emphasizes the natural effect of your blinds even more.

  • Natural light

    The absolute advantage of wooden blinds is the natural colour of the light falling into the house. In the morning, you wake up with the glow of natural daylight; while the blinds provide cosy atmospheric light in the living room. You can choose to play with the position of the blinds to create the desired lighting effect.

  • Privacy

    You can adjust the wooden blinds down to the millimetre so that you can determine how much privacy you want at any time of the day.

  • Ideal for damp areas

    In the bathroom you want to enjoy a relaxed environment. With the wooden blinds from Inside you can transform your bathroom into a relaxing wellness area. You can also play perfectly with sunlight. This way you not only determine the atmosphere, but you also ensure comfort and privacy.

    As standard, our wooden blinds are equipped with a steel headrail for the pull-up mechanism. Do you want to place them in the bathroom or kitchen? Then you can also opt for an aluminum headrail. Aluminum is rust resistant and therefore ideal for damp areas.

  • Decorative ladder straps

    Do you like to make a statement in your interior? Decorative ladder straps give wooden blinds even more character. Match the shade to the selected slats or work with a contrasting colour: it's all available.

    Ladder band blinds also have a useful benefit. They cover the holes where the standard ladder cords pass through, providing better blackout.

  • Subtle ladder cords

    If you want a more subtle finish, then a nice ladder cord is the way to go. Wooden blinds with a ladder cord have a light appearance, so they blend nicely into your interior. This allows you to determine the incidence of light down to the millimeter and create a beautiful play of sun and shadow.

  • Adjust your slats remotely

    In the morning, the slats open automatically and you wake up to a soft, natural morning glow. In the evening, the blinds close when you start your cozy evening on the sofa and want extra privacy. You don't have to think about it: it's just one way we make life easier for you at Inside.

    Inside's wooden blinds are perfect for automation and not only make your home smarter, but they also increase its value. Using a remote control, you can connect and control various blinds with the touch of a button. Motor operation can be done with ladder band blinds as well as ladder cord.

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For almost 30 years, Inside has personally been a guarantee of high quality window decoration, ranging from curtains in luxurious fabrics to wooden blinds that give each interior a unique vibe.

As a Belgian family business, we focus every day on the quality and ease of use of the products in order to meet everyone's interior wishes and needs, today and tomorrow.

Our products are distributed internationally from various showrooms in Europe, but are all made to measure in our workshop in Roeselare: 100% Belgian quality assured!

If you want more from your interior, choose Inside. Whether you are looking for trendy designs, classic designs or more practical solutions, our wide range of products always provide you with the ultimate in quality and class.

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