Save on your energy bill with the right window treatment

These days, there’s no getting around it: our energy bills are becoming unaffordable. For that reason, we are increasingly looking for ways to save. And believe it or not, the right window treatment can help you keep in the heat in during those cold winter days. In fact, heat loss through windows can be as high as 20%, and even more with single glazing.

  • For that reason, an insulating window treatment is exactly what you need to reduce that heat loss and in turn save on your energy bills. During the day you leave your drapes open so that the winter sun can warm your home, and at night you close the drapes to keep that warmth inside. In this blog, we will tell you what to look for in your search for insulating window coverings.

  • Go for thick or lined fabrics

    Lined or black-out drapes not only create a cozy atmosphere during those dark winter months; they are also ideal for keeping the heat in. Because in general, the thicker the fabric, the better the insulation value.

    How can Inside help you with that? Many of our fabrics can be lined with a lining of your choice. Moreover, we also have numerous beautiful dim-out fabrics in our range, which are up to 98% blackout and thus also have a high insulation value. By the way, did you know that we recently launched our Fusion collection? These are fabrics with integrated lining that are not only cheaper than standard lined fabrics but also have excellent insulation value.

    Fabrics that are naturally thicker and fuller, such as the velvets from our Diva collection, are also ideal for keeping in the heat.

    Extra tip: never hang the drapes in front of a radiator, because they will actually block the heat.

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  • Combine, combine, combine

    When you combine different types of window coverings, you not only create extra volume, but you can also keep the heat in even better. This is because you form an extra layer of air, making it harder for heat to escape. For example, you can combine side panel drapes with in-betweens or side panel drapes with Roman shades. Or how about side panel drapes and wooden blinds? The possible combinations are endless!

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  • Roller shades also have an insulating effect

    Did you know that roller shades can also have an insulating effect? That’s because, at Inside, we can laminate fabrics. In this process, two layers of fabric – either the same or different types – are stitched together with an additional film in between. Next, these fabrics are hardened to make them suitable for roller shades. By combining these different layers, your roller shade will become extra insulating and will keep the heat in more effectively this winter.

    This month, we are launching our new roller shade collection packed with beautiful, textile-rich fabrics. Not only will you lift your interior to the next level, but you'll also save on that energy bill. Keep an eye on our website to stay informed about this new collection!

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  • Incidentally, insulating drapes are also useful during the summer. Then, of course, you want to achieve the opposite effect and keep the heat out as much as possible. That too can be done with the right window treatment. Read all about it in our blog ‘Do drapes help against the heat?

    Want to know more about Inside’s insulating window treatment? If so, contact your nearest Inside dealer now.