Fusion: fabric and lining become one

At Inside, we have a slightly different view of certain things. That's why we are proud to present our newest innovation which merges fabric and lining into one. Meet Fusion: our new collection of fabrics with integrated lining. This collection exclusively includes fabrics in which the lining is already woven. All your problems with standard lined drapes solved in one fell swoop! Discover alle the advantages of Fusion!

  • Energy-saving

    The Fusion fabrics are not only beautiful, but also functional. Lined drapes have extra insulating properties, and Fusion is no different. That way, you keep the heat or cold out and you save on energy. Because every little bit helps these days, right?

  • Shrinkage problems are a thing of the past

    Fabrics can shrink slightly due to environmental factors or after washing. Everyone has likely experienced the situation with the lining and drape shrinking separately. The result? The drapes no longer hang nicely and the lining sticks out. A problem that Fusion solves in one fell swoop.

    Tip: Do you prefer standard lined curtains? Then opt for our patented buttonhole system.

  • Uniform look from the outside guaranteed

    Have you ever walked past a house with lots of different colored drapes in the windows? That looks quite messy to those standing outside. With Fusion, you create a uniform look seen from the outside. Inside, on the other hand, you can choose the desired color for each room from our wide range of fabrics.

  • Available in a wide variety of colors and product types

    Looking for side panel drapes, Roman shades, window panels or wall covering? With Fusion, it’s all possible! In addition, make your selection from our wide range of colors and fabrics. Those who are looking for lined drapes are guaranteed to find their thing in the Fusion collection, no matter their living style.

  • Cheaper than standard lined drapes

    When you choose Fusion, you only buy one fabric, whereas with drapes with regular lining you buy two. So, it goes without saying that Fusion drapes are less expensive than drapes with standard lining, which we think is a good thing.

    Get further acquainted with Fusion in our video

    Fusion is exclusively available at your nearest Inside-dealer.

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