Francq Colors - The Hub 1

TREND PICKS - concept, styling and photography by Francq Colors.

In a world where threats come from all sides, we better stick together. Young people like to connect with older generations and very often the feeling is mutual. In an increasingly ageless world, it is only logical that we will see a wave of intergenerational sharing.

The corona crisis has shown again that people stick together in hard times. For some years now, we have seen that the borders between generations are becoming looser. Lifestyles are now much less age-dependent than they were twenty years or even a decade ago. People will be coming together to change society together, around shared values. They want to take action and set society in motion themselves, because they feel politicians or institutions are not up to the task.

This greater emphasis on connection across generations seeps into architecture and interior design. Continuing the social and caring designs of past trend themes Revive and Antropos, interior designs will increasingly revolve around the concept of meeting and sharing. One nice example are co-kitchens: as housing prices in the big cities make large kitchens unaffordable, co-kitchens are popping up: large professional kitchens that can be rented for dinners with friends or for cooking sessions.

When it comes to intergenerational sharing, designs must preferably be so sustainable that they can have a second and third life, handed over from generation to generation, instead of just being recycled. Brands such as Vitra, A.P.C., Patagonia and Artek are all experimenting with their own-branded second-hand stores. It's a smart way of showing a sustainable approach without greenwashing. We will spend more time in our local community, with our neighbours for example. But make no mistake: also in the case of localism, technology will help us to strengthen these local ties; on neighbourhood social media groups, for example. In these crisis times and after, we will go back to basics and embrace what was good from the past.