Francq Colors - Tranquili 2

TREND PICKS - concept, style et photographie par Francq Colors.

A quest for silence

Silence is increasingly rare. Scientific research shows that our environment is becoming increasingly louder, which is the direct result of increasing urbanization and the densification of cities. As a result, noise pollution is getting worse.

That is bad news: research increasingly shows that noise pollution causes stress and is the source of physical and mental damage, something we have hitherto greatly underestimated. As humans, we need silence. A study by Duke University shows that two hours of silence a day has a positive influence on cell growth in the hippocampus (a part of our brain that shrinks with depression or dementia). Indeed: silence is healthy.

What will be the consequences of these insights? Acoustic comfort will become increasingly important in interior design. A difficult task, now that many homes are being built as straightforward volumes with a lot of smooth surfaces, and with an increasingly open plan.

We will be looking for places that are pleasantly quiet, in which we can isolate ourselves. In design, we will thereby see a new ‘chalet style’ emerging, a new interpretation of wooden interiors. After a few seasons of interiors full of stone, glass and concrete, we are now witnessing the comeback of the wooden interior. These interiors emanate quietness with their light, warm shades and natural materials. The colors are rather subdued, but warm, most of them inspired by wood, plants, water and air.