The versatility of window covering

Are you ready for a change in your current interior but lack inspiration for a new design? No problem, we can help you with that. Our custom-made window covering is not only perfect for your windows, it has many more uses! In this blog, we would like to inspire you with various options.

  • Combining window covering

    At Inside, we often start combining window coverings. This way, you not only create more volume in your interior, but also coziness and atmosphere. Moreover, this enables you to control your privacy and light. Perhaps you want to be able to look outside during the day, but enjoy complete privacy at night? The options are endless.

    Some possible combinations:

    • Draperies x Roman shades
    • Draperies x roller shades
    • Draperies x wood blinds
    • Draperies x draperies

    Read more about this in our blog, 'Why choose one type of window covering when you can combine two?'.

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  • Room divider

    Did you know that our draperies are not just for dressing up windows? Side panel drapes can also serve perfectly as room dividers. This enables you to divide a room in a unique way and effortlessly create warmth and coziness. The look is up to you: from light, transparent fabrics to thick, heavy fabrics. Draperies as a room divider are not only useful when a room has multiple functions, but also when you want to make a large space cozier.

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  • Squid

    Squid is specially designed to give your windows that extra touch without adding draperies. But this adhesive fabric is also perfect for glass (partition) walls in your home, bathroom, or office. On the one hand, this enables you to prevent unwanted views and viewers, with a choice of Squid Basic (5% transparency) and Squid OP (1% transparency). On the other hand, you can also personalize Squid with a design of your choice or one from our CasaMia collection to give a room a personal touch.

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