Why choose textile wall coverings?

Did you know that there are many alternatives to paint or wallpaper for decorating a room? At Inside, for example, we offer the option of covering a wall with fabric. Textile wall coverings not only give a wall depth and texture, but also create a warm and cosy atmosphere. An exclusive look is guaranteed! But our textile wall coverings also have loads of practical advantages.

  • Acoustic effect

    The sound-absorbing properties of textile wall coverings are a great advantage. Like drapes, they contribute to the heat and sound insulation of your home. At Inside, we also offer the option of making our wall coverings extra acoustic. In that way, an extra layer is added between the wall and the fabric, which does wonders for the acoustics.

  • Time saving

    One of the most time-consuming jobs when moving house or renovating is painting or wallpapering a wall. The wall must be thoroughly prepared before you can get started, which often takes a lot of time.

    When you choose textile wall coverings, you can simply skip all this preparation and get started with the installation straight away. Using quasi-invisible profiles, a frame is created on the wall. The fabric is then placed in the frame and stretched.

  • Easy to replace

    Want a change to your interior? Then simply remove the fabric from the frame and replace it with another one. In that way, you can give your interior a new look in no time.

  • Easy maintenance

    For extra protection, you can have your fabric treated with W.E.T. With this exclusive stain and moisture protection developed by Inside, stains no longer stand a chance. This means that Inside textile wall coverings are also a very low-maintenance alternative, for example, to paint or wallpaper.

  • Personalization

    For those who like to go a step further, there is also the option to personalize your textile wall covering. Thanks to our CasaMia collection you can choose from an array of trendy designs, colors and textures. In this way, you can personalize the fabric to suit your interior.

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  • For more information about our textile wall coverings, please contact your nearest Inside dealer.