Ready for spring: fresh window decoration tips

With the days getting longer and the sun making more frequent appearances, it's clear that spring is on its way. It's the season of renewal, fresh colors, and renewed energy. What better way to welcome spring into your home than with new curtains that perfectly match the cheerful character of this season?

  • The magic of light

    One of the most beautiful things about spring is the abundant sunlight streaming into our homes. Choose light, airy fabrics like linen or cotton that subtly filter the light. This not only creates a pleasant glow in your interior but also gives you that feeling of freshness and simplicity that is so typical of spring.

    Looking for the perfect transparent or in-between curtains? Discover our brand-new transparency collection and be amazed by the rich textures and breathtaking variety.

  • Color in your interior

    Leave the somber winter colors behind and embrace the colorful feeling of spring. From soft pastel shades to vibrant contrasts, these tones reflect the joy and energy that spring brings. By playing with colors in window decoration, you also add personality to your interior.

  • Show your green heart

    With the growing emphasis on sustainability, spring is the perfect time to consider environmentally friendly options for your curtains. Discover our Ecolove collection, which offers a perfect blend of style and ecology with trendy fabrics made from recycled PET bottles. In other words, the perfect way to do your part for a greener planet.

  • Say it with layers

    Layering – combining different types of window coverings – is the trend of the moment. Layers are not only an excellent way to create ambiance, but they also allow you to precisely control both privacy and light entry. This way, you can fully enjoy the advantages of every season.

    Want to learn more about this trend? We wrote a blog post about the benefits of layering.

    In short, with the right choice of curtains, you can not only see but also feel spring in every corner of your home.

  • Discover our customers' favorites

    Curious about which window decoration items our customers appreciate most this spring? Discover our customers' popular picks and get inspired to make your own interior spring-ready.

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