Roman shade or roller shade?

Still can’t decide between a Roman shade or a roller shade? In this blog, we would like to help you in your search for the perfect window covering.

  • Roman shades as the ideal mood creator

    Would you like to create warmth and ambiance? If so, Roman shades are the ideal choice. This classic fits any type of interior and is often chosen for its cozy look.

    • Acoustic benefit: Roman shades fill the room and dampen disruptive noises.
    • Perfect for large windows: we make Roman shades up to 10 meters wide and 5.80 meters high.
    • Special designs also possible: a Roman shade for sloping windows, skylights, or verandas? It's all possible thanks to the modern technology of our Inside opening and closing systems.
    • Washable: to thoroughly clean your Roman shades, you can take them to the dry cleaner or wash them yourself according to the washing instructions. Discover our maintenance tips for various types of window covering here
    • Insulating properties: Roman shades are ideal for keeping the heat out in the summer and keeping out the cold in the winter. The degree of insulation depends on the fabric chosen.

    Roman shades come in a wide range of materials, styles and textures. You also select the finishing yourself. A sleek look with ribs on the front or a softer look with ribs on the back? Or nonchalant without ribs? The choice is entirely up to you. Read all about our Roman shades here.

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  • Roller shades for a sleek touch

    Would you prefer a sleek and modern look? If so, these roller shades are for you. They have been a fixture in interior design for years and remain very popular to this day.

    • Less space needed at the top: a roller shade rolls up very compactly, making them ideal if you have less space at the top of your window.
    • Very low maintenance: roller shades are durable and require very little maintenance. A roller shade is easy to clean with a soft cloth but cannot be washed. Discover our maintenance tips for various types of window covering here.
    • Insulating properties: roller shades also have insulating properties. Laminated fabrics are ideal for keeping the heat in better during the winter, while screen fabrics in turn are great for keeping the heat out in the summer.

    Roller shades usually have a rather minimalist look, but make no mistake: the finishing possibilities are endless. At Inside, you can choose from more than 200 fabrics, numerous textures and colors, various transparencies, and more. Read all about our Roller shades here.

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